TORO v3.00.747.745

Welcome to TORO v3.00.747.745

18 major notable improvements!

  1. SMS Campaigns can be sent out immediately to your customers. No more asking for a slot to send!
  2. Cash Discount/Credit Card Service Fee is now an option and prints the store compliance statements on receipts.Passing your credit card fees onto the customer is a great way to recoup costs of doing business. We have several stores doing this now with no push back from customers. It appears to be a “new norm”.

  3. Tabs that are accidentally canceled can now be reopened from Trace Logs screen on the Dashboard.

  4. Events can now be scheduled in the system. When you post an Event, it will show up on the receipts, anytime someone texts the word “EVENTS” to your SMS number, and if you have a website with TORO it will update the website.
  5. Ability to view expired and expiring soon credit cards on file for both wholesale and regular customers.
  6. Receipt Preferences for customers is now stored to their profile. When a transaction is done for someone with a phone number attached, the profile will load. Select the options they want it will be remembered for future transactions.
  7. There is new functionality for doing a shift change to count the drawer. Look on the same menu where you OPEN and CLOSE the drawer.
  8. New button on Dashboard to view all outstanding Rewards Points
  9. Hover over an item to see the Master Sku details
  10. Can search for an item using the manf sku
  11. When you turn DO INVENTORY checkbox to OFF, then TORO will no longer track inventory and QOH will always appear as Zero
  12. When viewing Backorders, you can now create a Purchase Order from there to receive the items.
  13. Online Store has custom pricing.
    1. Defaults can be set at the Product Type level and then be overridden at the Brand, Item and Item Sku level.
    2. Online Store Pricing can be based on a markup from cost now.
    3. Online Store Pricing can be manually set.
    4. Online Store Pricing can mimic Retail Pricing
    5. Every item in a Product Type or specific Items or Item Skus can be placed ON SALE.
  14. Store Reports now break out the discounts given into separate tables and the totals listed at the top.
  15. Payroll highlights rows that have clock out notes. You can update the entries from the Payroll screen.
  16. Compounding Taxes are now available.
  17. Sales Taxes can be tagged as a tax that should be added to the item label when printing or doing a price check.
    1. Tax is calculated at the transaction line item and rounded up at the transaction line item. Once rounded, each line is added up to calculate the total.
    2. All tax amounts are rounded up if they are over a 100th of a penny. For example, if the tax amount is a total of $2.0301, that gets rounded up to the next penny, so it would be $2.04.
    3. A transaction with a partial comp does not get a tax exemption, not even for the portion of the partial comp.
    4. Transactions that are FULLY comped are exempt from tax.
    5. When a ‘Customer Discount’ is added it’s own line, it is removed from the Gross Sales for that transaction, which means there is no payment. Given that, they are not in these calculations since we start our calculations with the total payments received. Coupons are handled the exact same way.
    6. Gift Card Sales and Virtual Gift Card Sales do not count towards Gross Sales. If you want to include them, there is a button available to get a total and add them in. The use of the Gift Card and Virtual Gift Card will count towards Gross Sales.