Your rate is changed to a flat 2.85%. This includes interchange, assessments, processor rate, authorization fees, etc. It is an all inclusive rate.

You can choose to pass the 2.85% to your customer or increase it to a flat 3% where the store makes an additional .15% off of each credit/debit transaction. Alternatively, you can pass on a lower amount if you want to split the fees.


Either way, here is an example of how it plays out on your account:

Let’s assume you pass on the exact amount of your flat rate to the customer, so 2.85%.

At the time of the transaction, when you click CREDIT, a 2.85% Service Fee is added to the transaction. This is seamless to you as a user of TORO.

  • Credit Card Sales for the Day: $1000
  • Credit Fees for the Day: $28.50
  • Total Processed for the Day: $1028.50
  • Fees are deducted before your deposit
    • $28.50 goes to the processor
    • $1000 deposited to your account

If you opt to do 3% passed onto your customers, then your total sales plus another .15% of those sales are deposited. This means you actually make some more profit each time a credit card is used.

If you opt to split the fees with your customer, then your deposit will be your Credit Card Sales for the Day minus the amount you are NOT passing on to your customers.

Each month you will only have an additional debit of $6.25, which is the $5.00 statement fee and the $1.25 MasterCard location fee.

Any additional debits would be related to any applicable annual fees and or PCI Fees.

This has to be implemented at the beginning of a month and takes about 2 weeks to implement. So, when you are ready, we need to know 2 weeks before the start of the next month.

Message in  WhatsApp in your TORO-CC group if you are interested.