TORO v3.00.749.580

  • Receipts get another update! Now you can setup how you want your receipt to look that is for the Store for a signature separately from how you want it to look for a Guest. To do this, go to DASHBOARD -> SETUP SYSTEM -> SETUP RECEIPTS.
    • Here is a video to walk you through finding the setup screen:
    • Also an update to make the Account Receipt Preferences stand out a bit. Once you set a customers preferences, you will no longer need to ask what they want. They will be loaded for future transactions. They can always be modified on future transactions by just changing the option. Next time you do a transaction, whatever they chose last time will be the default. There is also a gear icon for settings for setting up the profile.
  • Automatic Product Type Box Discounts are now included into the Online Store pricing automatically. Not marked as ON SALE, just the listed online price.
  • Cleaner interface for Online Store pricing. You can now select the Item Sku you are wanting to update from the table.
  • Update to interface for uploading images to E-Comm site help show the sorting in a more user friendly manner.