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TORO Integrated Online Store

Development, Setup & Integration: $5000 (One Time @ Startup)

Integration, Support & Hosting: $349 Monthly


  • Build an online store for you. Scroll down to see examples of current stores.


  • Setup credit card processing
  • Setup shipping rates (currently only flat rate and free shipping at a specific transaction amount are available.
  • Setup tax rates


  • Populate the site with all the items from TORO.
    • Items can be filtered by Product Type or Brand
    • Items can be filtered by the current QOH
    • You will need to provide pictures and item descriptions
  • Order Syncing
    • When an order is placed, it will be downloaded to TORO as a regular transaction.
    • This will ensure that your inventory is maintained.
    • Order will print out on the receipt printer to notify you of an order. In addition, it will pop up on the screen.
    • There will be an addition tab on your main screen that allows you to access the orders
    • A Risk Assessment will be provided on the transaction
  • Item Syncing
    • When an order is placed in store or onilne, the inventory is synced immediately to ensure QOH is correct in the store and on your site.
  • Customer Syncing
    • When an order is placed, the customer will be downloaded to your system.
    • An SMS will be sent to them to join your Rewards Program.

Sync Costs

Each order sync is 44 cent.

Each item sync is 1/2 cent.

Store Website – Keep yours or start fresh?

Keep Yours…




  • Free
  • Customer are used to it! (is that a good thing?)


  • Won’t be as cohesive to your Online Store
  • Most cigar Store Websites are outdates, and you are launching a new Online Store to draw customers

Toro Store Website

$1500 Setup



  • Clean modern updated look and feel.
  • More cohesive to the customer since it is all on one server. The look and feel of the pages between the Online Store and Store Website will be closely knit.
  • Link more easily from your Store Website landing page to items in your store.


  • Not free


Once this Store Website is setup, we will maintain backups and system updates for you.

If you want content changes, it is recommended to choose a content plan. If you want to do it yourself, that is fine as well. We do frequent backups of the website, so if something goes wrong, we can repair it. There are fees for Backup Restorations, but each Content Change Plan includes at least one free per year. View Content Change Plans here:

Current Toro Online Stores

Currently, these stores are doing the Integrated Online Store and the Store Website.

SMōKE Cigar Lounge

Riverside Cigar Shop & Lounge

Humidour on the Hill

W. Curtis Draper

Lake Worth Cigars

Tobacco Cabana

This store is doing the Integrated Online Store, but opted to keep their existing website for the Store Website.

Embargo Store Website

Embargo’s Toro Integrated Online Store

TORO v3.00.749.580

TORO v3.00.748.114

TORO v3.00.747.745

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