Once you have scheduled your onboarding call, we will do the following to get you live with TORO!


  • Start Credit Card Processing
    • A group will be formed in WhatsApp that is titled TORO-CC-StoreName. If you aren’t in this group, please notify us.
    • Fill out the application sent in that group.
    • It is super important to be timely. This can take some time to get setup, so please get the forms filled out as soon as possible.


  • Gather Pricing Information
    • You can find price sheets here: www.torocigarpos.com/pricesheets
      • If you have other price sheets, please email them to thrive@torocigarpos.com and we will add them to the master list.
    • Print all price sheets from manufacturers. In order to get inventory in the quickest and simplest way possible this step is vital.
    • Highlight all rows of items you carry with each manufacturer.
    • Highlight down the column with cigars per box and the box cost.
      • If they aren’t in columns, then go down and circle these. This will help move quickly through getting your items turned on.
    • I know, this doesn’t sound intuitive. And I know you can just export this from your current POS. That said, based on my experience, I highly recommend obtaining price sheets rather than relying on pricing from your current POS. This is a great opportunity to ensure all pricing is accurate and up-to-date. While you may believe that all pricing in your system is correct, my recent poll of all the stores for pricing on the top 1000 selling SKUs indicates otherwise. Out of the 43 stores I polled, only 89 items were agreed upon by at least three stores. This suggests that many stores have inaccurate pricing, and it’s essential to double-check prices regularly to ensure that you’re not losing money due to incorrect pricing.

      Taking the time to print price sheets with Brand, Item, Items Per Box, and Cost of Box may seem like a tedious task, but it will result in reliable data. For example, one of my stores insisted on using their original pricing, but when we compared their QOH (quantity on hand) against the price in their system and the price from the manufacturer’s price sheet, we discovered a significant difference of over $3000 on their top 100 items. If we had used their original pricing, they would have lost money at retail, so they had to go back and double-check everything and input it a second time. This highlights the importance of using accurate pricing data and taking the time to ensure that it’s correct. By doing so, you can avoid any potential losses and have confidence in the accuracy of your pricing.


  • Setup Hardware
    • If you haven’t purchased hardware, view this link https://www.torocigarpos.com/hardware
    • If you are on a tight budget, look here for the simplest setup https://www.torocigarpos.com/hardwarebudget
    • Connect mouse, keyboard, monitor and scanner.
    • Turn on computer and connect to internet.
      • Computer can connect via wireless during setup, but when you are ready to go live, we will need an ethernet connection. You will need two ethernet connections in total at the POS Station location. If you only have one, then please buy this switch from Amazon. It allows you to take the one connection and split it to two connections. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00A128S24
    • If you aren’t in the final location where the station will be located, then you can hold off on connecting printers & cash drawer. We will do that when you get it moved to the final location.


  • Schedule Setup & Initial Training Call
    • Once hardware is setup and you have at minimum of 5 price sheets printed and marked as mentioned in the first step, schedule a call. Feel free to book it using this link (www.torocigarpos.com/schedule) or buy reaching out directly in your store’s group on WhatsApp.
    • On the call, we will setup your store parameters and do training on inventory.


  • Credit Card Machine Test
    • As soon as your credit card machine arrives we should do a test. This means the same day. Don’t wait 2 days, that will become more. Just a very simple place to let it slip, and then we remember when it’s time to go live. Rarely have issues with them, but it happens. This is important to test ASAP so we can get you a new terminal if needed.
    • You will need an ethernet connection for this test.


  • Input all of your inventory to TORO. Cigars are already in the system. Other product types you will need to create.


  • No need to put in the Quantity on Hand. We will do that after you go live. Sounds backwards, but it will all make sense in time. Trust us here. Let’s get live ASAP.


  • Once you are starting to get close, you will need to reach out to schedule your GO LIVE DATE. This is the day you want to turn it all on and get to using TORO for transactions. This is a process to turn on your license and in addition, we only do 2 stores every 2 weeks. We do require 2 weeks notice for going LIVE so that we can ensure you are not overlapping other stores and we can provide proper support.


  • 2-3 days prior to your GO LIVE DATE, we will begin transaction training. This can be with your entire team at once, or we can train the trainer. We do not spend our time training each individual employee, so either have them on the initial training or have someone you want to be the expert on this at your shop.


  • GO LIVE! We are excited for you!


As always, feel free to reach out in your WhatsApp group with questions!

To see our support procedures, go here: https://www.torocigarpos.com/support