Cigar Master Database

Our goal is to form a database of all products being offered in the cigar industry.

Why should you do this for your customers?

  • Our customers can pull these items down to their local store saving them tons of time and money. When a price change occurs, you can send us an updated sheet with new pricing, and we will automatically push those notifications to our customers. If they want to apply the price change, it is one click to do so and all of their new retail prices are automatically calculated.


Why should you do this for you?

  • This also will give you an opportunity to reach new customers. We are working on a promotions module. Any business that gets us their data will get a free promotion within TORO. For your existing customer, you can roll out a special for a month or whatever you want. For new customers, you can have an opening deal. If they accept, it will send you a PO for the deal and all of their store information and contact information. It will also send you a copy of all of their licenses.


The spreadsheet below will give you the format that we need these items in. If you already have a spreadsheet that has your item names, barcodes and pricing, then you can send that and we will make a custom import for it.