Hardware Requirements


At TORO, we do not make any profit on hardware. We make it our goal to help you acquire the hardware at the best price possible. Even the actual computer is built specifically for TORO by us and no up charge with a three year warranty. 

Here is an Amazon Wishlist to hardware items that are the bare minimum to getting the system to work.


Item Where to Buy Amount
Monitor Amazon Wish List $117
Keyboard/Mouse Amazon Wish List $28
Cash Drawer Amazon Wish List $40
Barcode Reader Amazon Wish List $24
Receipt Printer Amazon Wish List $224
Computer TORO CIGAR POS $996
Total   $1,429






We have computers that are built specifically for TORO. We build these custom for the software and have ZERO up charge. The computers come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty and an extra 3 years with Allstate after the manufacturer expires. The price fluctuates based on the prices in the stores. 

Here is the system we offer currently:

Intel NUC with i7 $589.99
500 GB $47.14
16 GB RAM $53.61
16 GB RAM $53.61
Windows $150.00
Shipping $35.75
3 Year Extended Warranty $64.99
Total $995.09

If you want to use another computer you might already have, or want to buy one on your own, that is okay as well. Just if you have hardware issues, we are unable to provide support. It is highly recommended that whatever computer you use has the specifications above or better to not run into speed issues. The harddrive should always be an SSD and preferably an m.2 SSD for your main station.