TORO SMS Keypad Custom Plate

If you aren’t sure why you need the Keypad, then please revisit the SMS Workflow page.

This will describe the process and where the Keypad is used. This was part of your SMS Module License Agreement.


This Custom Plate only works on this Keypad.



The cost of this is $50 shipped.


Message in your WhatsApp Store Support Group thread with what you want it to say with any pictures. A proof will be sent to you for approval before shipping.

Once received, use a flat head screwdriver to pop off all the keys except the number keys. Then apply a thin line of super glue on the Keypad surface, and apply the pad and hold for 60 seconds. There are 3 holes in the Keypad. These are there for you to be able to change the color and disable the Keypad even after being permanently attached. Get a toothpick to put through the holes.

Change the color -> Top two holes
Disable/Enable Pin Pad -> Bottom left hole