TORO Cigars

Read and look at the items below. Message me in your WhatsApp group the items you want. We are working on a tobacco license for TORO, but for the time being we will need to accept payment via Zelle or check to my store, SMoKE Cigar Lounge. We can also do a credit card, but you will be responsible for a 3% fee. Prices do not include shipping. Depending on what you get, we can fit 2 of the 5 packs in a small flat rate USPS box.

We have been making cigars for our shop for about 6 years now. We have a total of 7 blends that we do and these are our top sellers in the shop. Doing a blend for your shop is a game changer. I have spent the last 9 years going to Nicaragua building these relationships.

We order for our store in batches of 5000. The problem is that is not a large number for a factory. As a result, we pay more than we want to be paying for these cigars. So, I am making them available to you and your store.

These cigars can have our bands placed on them, or you can have your own band made. Band prices are in addition to the prices below, but you can plan to spend anywhere from 25 cents to 75 cents per cigar depending on how nice of a band you want.

Here is a picture of the bands we put on the Cream Dragon. The picture below it is using the “RECEIPT BAND” in TORO. This functionality allows you to make up a band in TORO and it prints it on the receipt printer. You then wrap it around an place a little piece of tape. We have been doing this for 8 years and sold tons of Cream Dragons. Our bands are brand new. Both are great options depending on your budget and level of commitment. Bands are expensive unless you want to do a run of 10,000 or more. What we did is come up with a standard top band, and then each blend will get a different foot band.


Cream Dragon

Size: 6×52

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Ecudorian Connecticut

Strength: Mild-Medium


  Option 1 Option 2
Packaging SMoKE Bands No Band/Cello *
Bundle Count 20 20 **
Cost/Stick $3.50 $3.40
Cost/Bundle $70.00 $68.00
Minimum Order 5 Bundles 1000 Cigars
Shipping Determined by size of order Determined by size of order
NOTES:   * Can also have your own bands made. This will be an additional cost that is determined by the factory depending on the type of band you select.
    ** Can also select the quantity you want per bundle
    *** These will be ordered directly from the factory and shipping from Nicaragua to Miami is included in the price. Additional Shipping to your store from Miami.

Retail @ SMoKE – $13.25/stick (>4x Markup)

(Available in 5 packs for $16.25 – Message on WhatsApp group to purchase)


This is not your typical Connecticut cigar. We call it the Cream Dragon because it has this really nice creaminess and on the back end a little bite of pepper. This cigar we sell to the mild guys all day. They love it because they have never tasted a Connecticut with this much flavor. For the full body guys that know how to retrohale, they will love it. This is my daily cigar. It comes in at more of a Medium body, but you couldn’t tell that from the wrapper. Making it our number one seller at SMoKE Cigar Lounge.


Size: Toro (Length & Ring Gauge coming soon)

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Habano

Strength: Full

Cost: $2.25/stick

Retail @ SMoKE – $8/stick ( Almost 4x Markup)

Not available online yet.

(Available in 5 packs for $11.25 – Message on WhatsApp group to Purchase)

This is a really nice Habano cigar that packs a punch. Definitely full body. The name is a play on Habano and the Habanero pepper. It is spicy, but very well balanced and a perfect price point.


Country of Origin: Costa Rica

Wrapper: Costa Rican

Strength: Medium

Cost: $5.50/stick

Retail @ SMoKE – $15.25/stick (Almost 3x Markup)

(Available in 5 packs for $27.50 – Message on WhatsApp group to purchase)

The original SMOKE Exclusive blended by Eli!

This beautiful Costa Rican cigars was blended over the course of a year starting just before COVID hit. The process was full of ups and downs in the world, but we achieved what is one of the most popular cigars we have ever sold.

The blended uses aged Costa Rican Tobaccos and a single leaf of aged Nicaraguan Jalapa Ligero. The result is a cigar that is full and rich but leaves the palate clean. You don’t need to be fuller body smoker to enjoy this because it will never overwhelm the palate the key is using full flavor tobaccos not just strong tobacco to give you deep rich flavor and complexity.

Bourbon, Brown Sugar, Citrus, Hibiscus, Baking spices. Think Old Fashioned Cocktail!


Country of Origin: Costa Rica

Wrapper: Costa Rican

Strength: Medium

Cost: $5.50/stick

Retail @ SMoKE – $15.25/stick (Almost 3x Markup)

(Available in 5 packs for $27.50 – Message on WhatsApp group to purchase)

The sister cigar to Eli’s Amalgam.

This beautiful Costa Rican cigars was blended over 8 months with the utmost specificity. The goal and result was a clean Medium bodied cigar with rich layered flavor and a clean finish that would impress both the fullest and mildest body smokers. This has already become a staple in our humidor in the first month of its release!

Toffee, Baking Spices, Sweet Bourbons, Nuts, Oak, and a touch of White Pepper