Paya Credit Card Issues


  • Test 1: Go to and login.
    • If you don’t know your password, then you must click the “FORGOT PASSWORD” button and reset using your email that you provided Mitch when you setup your account. TORO cannot reset this for you.
    • PASS – Move to Test #2.
    • FAIL – If the site doesn’t load, then message Mitch in your CC thread on WhatsApp


  • Test 2: Reboot terminal – Do this by holding down the YELLOW and # key at the same time for 5 seconds.
    • PASS – Move to Test #3
    • FAIL – Unplug terminal and do a hard reboot.


  • Test 3: Send a test transaction over from Paya
    • PASS – Transaction amount shows up on terminal. Move to Test #4
    • FAIL – Message Mitch in your CC thread on WhatsApp


  • Test 4 – Restart Computer. Open TORO. Send a test transaction from TORO.
    • PASS – ALL GOOD!
    • FAIL – Message in your CC thread on WhatsApp. Call Support if you don’t get a response in under 5 minutes.


While you are waiting for a response, here is the workaround.

Here is another workaround using your Legacy Virtual Terminal Account.